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As we celebrate, and commemorate, the life and legacy of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2020, we do so by sharing some comments from the people we interviewed for the documentary. These web-extras, clips that didn't appear in the documentary, offer up personal reflections of MLK from those who participated in the documentary - and The Civil Rights Movement.  Whether they're talking about the first time they met King, or other moments outside the public spotlight, these reflections help us to see a more complete picture of King the husband, King the father, King the colleague, King the neighbor.  They also provide us a peek into some of the behind the scenes, inner-workings of The Civil Rights Movement

Here, we share some reflections from Ms. Dorothy Cotton.  Cotton was the Director of Education for the SCLC from 1963-1972.  She is also the author of If Your Back's Not Bent.  She also founded The Dorothy Cotton Institute in Ithaca, NY.  You can learn more about Ms. Cotton from her obituary in The New York Times and her biography from the King Institute at Stanford.


In this video she shares her experiences conducting non-violence and voter-registration training - as well as she shares how she got the title for her book!

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