January 15th holds a special place in the hearts of the WIH production team.  First and foremost - it's the Birthday of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And for those of us at WIH, our documentary premiered on January 15th, 2019 - what would've been King's 90th Birthday. 

As we celebrate and commemorate King's Birthday in 2020, we do so by sharing some comments from the people we interviewed for the documentary. These web-extras, clips that didn't appear in the documentary, offer up personal reflections of MLK from those who participated in the documentary - and The Civil Rights Movement.  Whether they're talking about the first time they met King, or other moments outside the public spotlight, these reflections help us too see a more complete picture of King the husband, King the father, King the colleague, King the neighbor.

We start with reflections from Dr. Ralph Bryson.  Dr. Bryson knew King through the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where he was a member; and also through Alabama State College (now University) where Bryson was employed and where King was working on his Doctorate.


James A. Rada