Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness.
We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
To date, the program has aired more than 700 times on 285 public television stations across the country. We would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to everyone for the overwhelming support and kind comments that we have received. 
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With INFINITE HOPE: MLK and The Civil Rights Movement takes a look at the life and leadership of  The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and many of the people who played a role in some of the most important events of the Civil Rights Movement.
The program was produced by faculty and students in
the Roy H. Park School of Communications
at Ithaca College in conjunction with Memphis PBS affiliate WKNO-TV.


James A. Rada